Archive: Jul 2017

  1. Thursday Salute to Originals: CTRL+X

    Unless you’re a renowned graffiti artist like Banksy, or you’re completely immersed in the graffiti art subculture, you may find graffiti to be ubiquitous, repetitive, troublesome, or distasteful. But what if, in all of the negative connotations of graffiti, we could find some comedic relief and simply laugh it off? It’s possible. We’ve found a group […]

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  2. Thursday Salute to Originals: Giant Mixed Media Stories

    One of the cool things about art? Multiple interpretations. The phrase “larger than life” can take on both literal and figurative meanings. Canadian figurative painter Andrew Saldago‘s works exemplify this concept, combining reality and imagination in a whirlwind effect of color and scale. His staggering oversized masterpieces utilize mixed media to create powerful stories infused with […]

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  3. Thursday Salute to Originals: Comedy-Infused Vintage Photos

    Looking at vintage photographs, its sometimes hard to imagine the subjects of those pictures ever having fun! The stern looks, cross faces, and emotionless expressions seem to exude seriousness and sadness. But German artist Anja Wulfing has decided to turn those frowns upside down in her latest series of photographs. Anja creates beautiful images of oil-painted […]

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