Archive: Sep 2017

  1. Thursday Salute to Originals: The Zeitz Museum

    Isn’t ironic how some of the best artwork is the architecture that houses art? Yes, we’re talking about museums! But not just any museum; The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, to be exact, which has taken on a pretty “tubular” new shape. Heatherwick Studio transformed Capetown’s tallest building into the Zeitz MOCAA, which holds […]

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  2. Thursday Salute to Originals: Surreal Books and Lamps

    ‘The Great Outdoors’ sounds perfect when we consider all the hiking, campfires, and solitude that comes along with it. But when night falls, well… that’s a bit scarier and unpredictable. Especially if you were wandering around in the remote areas of Norway’s forest in the dark. Luckily, Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen has a solution for […]

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  3. Thursday Salute to Originals: Urban Geodes

    We love when art is “hidden” in the most obvious of places! Like big-time Los Angeles, for example. Today we’re introducing you to an artist who creates something new and bold out of the old and decrepit; by placing colorful art designs in cracks and crevices of crumbling buildings, artist Paige Smith is really brightening […]

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