Archive: Dec 2009

  1. Stone Veneer Company Voted Google Favorite

    Just opened today’s mail, and almost lost in the stack of colorful Christmas mailings and office supply brochures was a small, crisp yellow envelope from Google Headquarters. GPI Design/GPI International was chosen as one of Google’s new “Favorite Places on Google”, the mega-company’s latest efforts to reach out to small businesses and capitalize on the […]

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  2. Integrate Anything with FLAT Lite LED Panels

    Our design team is continuously building our materials library with the latest and greatest in architectural surfaces. Backlighting translucent surfaces is what we do best- especially if you’re crunched for space and need even illumination across a surface. Based on the properties of the surface you choose, we’ll provide consultation for lighting systems and construction […]

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  3. Inherent Variances in Natural Stone and Onyx

    Did you know that semi-precious stones are rated like diamonds as the rough blocks are pulled out of the ground? The variances found in natural stone can affect the maximum panel sizes, structural properties, degree of light transmission, and aesthetic elements of your design visions. GPI Design/GPI International president Thomas Lawrence discusses how to best […]

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