Archive: Jun 2010

  1. For Interior Surface Applications: Acrylic as a Clear Alternative to Glass

    Looking for an alternative to glass or stone for a translucent wall feature? If the application is suitable, you should consider using acrylic products. Not the paint, but rather sheet acrylic. Acrylic is stronger, more scratch resistant, and lighter than glass. It comes in an almost infinite variety of colors and textures, and has stunning […]

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  2. Great Conversations at Neocon 2010

    Thank you to all those who visited the GPI Design/Marlite booth at Neocon 2010 in Chicago.  Aside from getting many project leads, it was truly rewarding to see the excitement and positive feedback from those who are just learning about us for the first time.  Some memorable quotes from our booth visitors: “I’ve been walking […]

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  3. GPI Project in Progress: Backlit Glass Panels at AED Idea Center

    Project Update: LED Light Panels at AED Idea Center Installed, Glass Panels Evenly Backlit Backlit Glass Columns by GPI | AED Idea Center | Washington, D.C. Architect: Studio 27 Architecture Lighting Designer: MCLA Application: Backlit frosted glass at eight columns Products: GPI Infuse™ Flat-Lite™ LED Panels at 3500K lighting temperature Integration: Diffuser films to hide lamp […]

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