Translucent Stone + Insulated Glazing Units = New Possibilities for Facade Design

A new palette of translucent onyx, granite, and marble to challenge the conventions of stone facade design.  With translucent stone in curtain wall systems, your buildings can now become translucent jewels – transmitting natural sunlight in the day and glowing luminous volumes when nighttime closes in.

As a small cutting-edge company, GPI prides ourselves on being in tune with the needs and wants of our clients, the architectural and design community. Over the past eight months, we have seen an unprecedented increase in architects requesting our DURA-Lite™ glass-backed translucent stone panels for exterior glazing applications. That’s when we started fabricating and testing DURA-Lite™ for exterior use, and it has passed all tests to our great satisfaction.

But testing an already existing product really wasn’t enough for us – we wanted a challenge that solved real problems for architects (getting the translucent stone panels to integrate into standard curtain wall systems, solving all detailing and warranty issues, and placing accountability back on one source).

Harnessing this great opportunity, GPI is transforming our DURA-Lite™ stone panels into an exterior facade system by partnering with insulated glazing manufacturers in the United States. Using advanced technology, our glass-backed stone panels will be fabricated into insulated glazing units for exterior commercial applications. The new product, aptly named “NAME HERE”, is now available and already in use for several projects.

The result of this innovation?

  • Translucent stone for curtain wall façade systems
  • Available in any of our custom exotic stones
  • Easy to specify and install
  • Extensive warranty on entire assembly