Thursday Salute to Originals: Floating Furniture

Interior designers might appreciate this play on the familiar – to challenge the conventional notions of home and everyday objects, artist Kyung Woo Han splices and reconstructs furniture shapes within a traditional room setting.

Stark white chairs, tables, and desks appear suspended in a still pool of water within a basic room setting.  A transparent film stretched across the midpoint of the room represents the water line, and objects are reflected over this taut surface to create the illusion of floating in water. The bottom half of the room is rendered in a light green tone, mimicking an underwater environment.

A thought-provoking art installation, the Green Room uses form, line, and surface manipulate perception.  How could the Green Room be enhanced by varying the lighting effects both above and below the false water line? Would it lose its simplistic impact?

Image credit: Kyung Woo Han