Thursday Salute to Originals: The Tree Hotel

This nostalgic design is giving the design world a lot to “chirp” about. At the Tree Hotel, Inrednin Gsgruppen envisioned a design that reinforced our connection to and responsibility for the environment. By creating cylindrical rooms suspended high in a treetop, simple rounded interior spaces are formed. Portholes in the wall planes allow views out to the Swedish landscape, but the outer cladding of fallen branches shields from any views to the inside.

Guests can retract the staircase to truly encapsulate themselves in the nest environment. One double bed and two small bunk beds allow this 193 square foot space to house four hotel guests. (Though bird nests are typically home to a few newly hatched chicks and their caretakers, might the Tree Hotel be better experienced for the lone meditating guest?)

With the interior materials incorporating smooth finishes, clean lines, and light colors, the designer made an obvious departure from the textured organic outer shell. Why the dichotomy? How could the interior and lighting effects have further strengthened the “nest” experience without appearing too whimsical?

Image credits: Dornob, TreeHotel