Fusing Art & Design with Surfaces and Light

Having a passion for the way translucent surfaces and LED panels can accentuate and bring natural warmth to any space, we greatly enjoy the way Stefan Lindfors incorporated the two for his Light Works exhibition. First displayed in Helsinki during February and D.C. in May, Lindfors recently wrapped up a showing in NYC during the latter half of June and early July. Describing it as his “homage to LIGHT & LEDs,” he intentionally opened the New York viewing on June 21st to coincide with the summer solstice, the day that the Northern Hemisphere sees the most sun.

Intended to double both as lighting fixtures and artistic sculptures, the pieces of his exhibit mark the first time Lindfors has worked exclusively with the concept of assimilating light and sculpture. Though working in some ways with lighting since the beginning of his professional career, it took the request of a patron to nurture the inspiration for Light Works. World-renowned photographer Nan Goldin purchased a sculpture, Nymph, in 2009 but requested that LEDs be installed inside to provide backlit illumination. Subsequently inspired, Lindfors began wrapping fiberglass around wire and steel frames and lighting them with energy saving bulbs.

The results blur the line between form and function, nothing new for this Finnish-born artist/designer who has worked with numerous companies such as Sony and Nokia. Light pours from the sculptures in inspiring ways and evokes a living, organic feeling. Says Lindfors, “So far, much of my light work…lacks conventional definition, often landing in the so-called ‘borderline’ area. These Light Works that I’ve recently created represent a body of work by myself as both sculptor and as designer; abstract stories beyond industrial reasoning on the one hand, latest eco-light technology and user-friendly design on the other.” We at GPI enjoy creating the same dichotomy in our features and celebrate the amazing way Stefan Lindfors has explored this concept.

Image credits: ReadySetDC.com, MaterialConnexion.com