Design Inspiration: Facet Trends

Though it’s not a brand new emerging movement, the idea of facets has really caught on in all aspects of design. We have been and still are seeing a strong shift towards geometric prism motifs through all different media, a lot of which we find very inspiring and intriguing. This phenomena, while not necessarily cutting edge, is on trend so we think it’s worth noting.  Here are a few favorite faceted images that get our creative juices flowing.

Design Trends with Facet Geometric Forms in Interiors, Product Design, and Industrial Design

The geometry and materiality of these pieces, along with the potential for voids, create infinite possibilities for interactions with light.  What themes are inspiring you today?

Images compiled by GPI Design, individual image credits: Design Milk, Design Stores, TrendHunter, Dezeen, ApartmentTherapy, Trendir, TheCoolHunter