Thursday Salute to Originals: Field of Light

Field of Lighting Night Landscape View

During the winter season, nightfall approaches a lot faster than you expect. Well before you are able to finish off a day’s work and leave for your cozy home, it’s already darker than black outside. When you take the exit off the high way, image a garden of colorful light spots to your right, a garden of light that’s sparkling delightfully and that looks almost like starring sky on earth. Stunning, isn’t it?

Bruce Munro, the creator of the installation Field of Light, had this vision during his trip through central Australian Red Desert fifteen years ago. He felt the desert held “an incredible feeling of energy” and “ideas seemed to radiate from it along with the heat.” Immediately, Bruce was inspired to jog down a sketch and for the years to come, he couldn’t let it go. “It just had to be done”, he said.

Field of Light has been on exhibition in five different projects since 2004. The installation, or the “Planting”, changes according to each location’s specific landscape. It was made of 6,000 acrylic stems crowned with a clear glass sphere. The stems themselves didn’t require any electronic power. They were lit by a total of 11 projectors through fiber optic cables that were wrapped inside. Singapore Airlines magazine once commented: “A spectacle of sheer magic when, as night falls, Field of Light comes to life”. The design is unique in a way that the light bulbs blossom like flowers at the wake of each night and quietly manifest the energy flow of our mother earth.

The vitality of the acrylic stems created through lighting really echoes with our designers. One of our goals in designing and installing backlit panels is to create a dynamic and vigorous atmosphere with the right design and the right material. We understand how important a role lighting plays in defining a certain space, and in this case the transformative powers of lighting are pushed to their full potential.

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