Thursday Salute to Originals: Whimsical Winged Lights

You blink for a moment. As your eyelids lift to reveal the scenery again, you thought you just missed witnessing a flock of huge birds shining with light storm through the hotel lobby. Their tails left traces that were still sparkling in the thin air. But when you close and open your eyes again, they are still there.

That’s the dramatic illusion artist Ayala Serfaty created with her light design, Nana 200. The Nana 200 is part of her Jewel Collection, an arrangement of elegant and lyrical suspended kinetic mobiles intended for public spaces. The mobile structure allows the creation of variable composition of shades. The shades sway as if blown by a breeze and their movement creates a magical environment.

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The lamps are covered in textiles of various hues and illuminated with compact fluorescent light fixtures.

Red Suspended Wing Light Fixture MobilePin It

The shape and free-style arrangement of Nana 200 set it apart from other mundane and motionless pendants.

Suspended Beige Wing Shaped Light Fixture MobilePin It

Nana 200 Suspended Light FixturePin It

Apparently free from the grips of gravity, these lighting creations animate spaces with their fleeting expressions of permanent memories. How would you design an interior lobby space to adequately respond to and create a home for these unique creations?

Image Credit: Aqua Gallery, Planhomedesign