Thursday Salute to Originals: The Photographs of Your Dreams – Literally

We’ve all had those truly strange dreams where you awake fascinated and perplexed at the bizarre aberrations your brain subconsciously concocted during your slumber. We know the feeling here. A good number of us here have dreamt in “AutoCAD Land,” where our actions are controlled by a string of key commands in a computer-program world. Some of us have even had dreams where the surrounding environment – the sky, grass, and water – appears real, but is actually all backlit onyx upon closer inspection. (We don’t recommend diving into the pool in those dreams…)

But strange as dreams may be, have you ever thought about how that vision would be portrayed in reality? How exactly a dream would look and feel if you could recreate and reproduce those peculiar, bizarre, and eccentric nuances in a tangible form? Israel-based Photographer, Ronen Goldman, has set out on a quest to do just that.

Ronen Goldman Fishbowl Heads Surreal Dream Art

While most dreams are fleeting, these photos most certainly are not. Working for years on what Goldman refers to as the “Surrealist Pillow” project, a single dream can take weeks to replicate in photographic form. Gathering and photographing all the necessary elements, along with all the prepping, planning, shooting, and compilations that go into these photos, these recreations can be very time consuming. But in the end, the lasting image of a nonsensical transitory fantasy is achieved.

Magician Cards Surrealist Art Photography by Ronen Goldman

Umbrella Raining Apples Ronen Goldman Surreal Photography

The Fisherman Ronen Goldman Photograph

Often Goldman finds he’s not even sure what the dreams he’s recreating mean or symbolize. However, there are still a couple things of which we can be sure: the visual portrayal of his imperceptible dreams exudes a very personal originality, and whimsically merges art and fantasy in tangible form. Pretty sweet dreams if you ask us (pun intended)!

Image credits: Ronen Goldman