World’s Most Epic Material Library

When you think of a library, typically, you think of a place in the community that houses books, newspapers, and even digital media. As designers we also think of material libraries where we store samples of all kinds of materials with various colors and textures. Often these samples are highly unorganized due to the fact that new materials are created every day.

Messy  Materials Library

Material ConneXion is a group of experts that has created the world’s largest resource for advanced, innovative and sustainable materials. Based in seven cities world-wide, this digital and physical archive features over 6,500 of the most cutting-edge materials available for use, with more added every month. With eight generalized categories, it boasts the largest selection of sustainable materials and is recognized as the only Cradle to Cradle materials library in the world.

Material Connexion Surface Materials Library NYC

Not only can companies get a membership to use the resources of this library, but Material ConneXion also provides a wide range of personalized consulting services to help you choose the best material for your project, and the best place to get it.  In the United States, you can visit Material ConneXion in New York City – we can’t wait for a field trip to play in this creative space!

Image credits: Material ConneXion