Thursday Salute to Originals: Viñoly Soars in NYC

Rafael Vinoly Park Ave Design

Rafael Viñoly Architects are pushing the definition of the phrase “high living” to the next level. The firm designed the high rise apartment building 432 Park Ave to be an iconic addition to the Manhattan skyline. Standing at just under 1400 feet tall, the building is set to be the tallest residential construction in the Western Hemisphere.

To place the building in context with other notables in New York, the Empire State Building and newly constructed One World Trade Center are 1454 and 1776 feet respectively. This 432 Park Ave project – rising 1396 feet – will be so tall that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had to give its approval. The project began sales of condominium spaces back in March 2013 and has already garnered over 1 billion USD from overseas investors looking for a prestigious place to crash on their trips to the Big Apple.

432 Park Avenue Skyline Views from Interior

Although the tower was designed to be conscious of the limited footprint Manhattan offers, future residents will still be able to enjoy over 30,000 square feet in their units. Along with the leg room comes private elevators, libraries, eat-in kitchens, master suites, and many more amenities for each resident. That space and comfort at the top of New York won’t come cheaply however – with units that have a going rate of $7 to $95 million USD, this project is clearly targeted for the top of the market.

The 96 story building will provide scenic views of Central Park, as well as the Hudson and East Rivers and (of course) of the awe inspiring concrete jungle that is Manhattan. Slated for completion in 2015, this soaring tower will forever change the New York skyline.

Vinoly Building Park Ave NYC

Credits: NY Daily News, Design Boom