Thursday Salute to Originals: The Ho-Ho-Honut

An unexpected spin on the Christmas dinner. Meet the Ho-Ho-Honut. Combining the classic staples of a holiday feast, this savory treat may just be every designer’s dream – from compacting the footprint of a meal to paying homage to classic ingredients to maintaining an iconic form.

Ho Ho Honut Christmas Donut

This catchy name is more than an advertising hook, it’s a delicious treat that’s gaining sweeping popularity in London. A quick glance at the ingredients:

  • Sage-flavored dough
  • Bacon and cranberry drizzle
  • Sprinkled with turkey salt and roasted potato crumbs
  • Topped with a sprig of holly
  • Thick gravy filling

Gravy Filled Christmas Donut

“To start with it sounded a bit crazy, but classic flavour combinations, a wealth of baking experience and a bit of Christmas spirit have made it into something really special”, said Mark Godfrey, Owner of Godfreys of Hornchurch. The bakery, located in East London, currently sells these festively named treats in their shop only. If you’re in the area this season, be sure to taste one for us – and let us know just how scrumptious it is.

Happy holidays to our colleagues and clients, near and far! We are taking some time to celebrate our own meal traditions with friends and family (some with pierogies, soda bread, or pasta sprinkled into the traditional fare). Our office will be open December 29th, December 30th, and then back to begin the New Year on January 5th.