Archive: Jan 2015

  1. John Edmark sculpture

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Spinning Sculptures

    Over the existence of our Thursday Salute blog series, we’ve highlighted a number of sculptures, photographic pieces, and even Mother Nature’s own artwork. But we don’t often come across an original that combines all three, with a twist! John Edmark boasts quite the resume: artist, designer, inventor, and professor at Stanford University. And with his […]

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  2. Eating-Utensils-Proef-Design-Knoppert

    Thursday Salute to Originals: A Twist on Traditional Taste

    Here’s one of the stranger things you’ll see today: utensils that mimic the sensation of eating – without the use of food. Yeah, we told you it was out there. Though an odd concept, the idea does bear some thoughtful merit. Eating is as much a social experience as it is a necessary one to […]

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  3. Do-Ho-Sun-Suspended-Staircase

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Attention to Detail

    Attention to detail is a learned skill that can be cultivated; things like using memory cards, puzzles, honing math skills, and image memorization. In the office it may mean getting organized, limiting distractions, avoiding rushing, or putting on the headphones to give that wall section detail 110% of your brain power. This skill is so […]

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