Thursday Salute to Originals: A Twist on Traditional Taste

Here’s one of the stranger things you’ll see today: utensils that mimic the sensation of eating – without the use of food. Yeah, we told you it was out there.

Eating Utensils Proef Design Knoppert

Though an odd concept, the idea does bear some thoughtful merit. Eating is as much a social experience as it is a necessary one to sustain life. Some people, unfortunately –like those with permanent feeding tubes or certain illnesses – can never experience the joy of eating.

Recognizing this problem, creator Louise Knoppert decided to develop a collection of tools, called Proef, that can help those who are not culinary inclined still experience the sensation of eating.

Taste Eating Utensils Proef Louise Knoppert

The strange utensils (there are nine total) are actually well designed, and specially fashioned to stimulate the mouth in a variety of ways; they aren’t just flavored sticks of plastic. The Sponge tool, for example, sucks up any flavorful liquid which can then be squeezed out with the mouth. Vapor tool uses atomizer technology to create a fine flavored smoke. And the Foam utensil creates a bubbly substance with burst of flavor and a tingling sensation.

Taste Tools Designed by Louise Knoppert

Though we’re not entirely sold on this idea (can these tools really successfully mimic the joy of eating?), we do appreciate the message behind it, and Knoppert’s use of thoughtful design to engage the typically unrelated sensation of taste.

Combining texture, taste, and trendy aesthetics, these odd tools are certainly unique. But for now, at least, we’ll offer our most hearty salute for originality, and happily stick to the trusty fork and knife!

Image credits: Design Milk, Louise Knoppert