Thursday Salute to Originals: An Architectural Brew

Most of us enjoy a hearty cup of coffee in the morning, and this trend seems particularly prominent in the world of design. From keeping our eyes open during a late night AutoCAD deadline to adding energy into a hand sketch, a full cup of coffee is a staple at nearly every workstation in an architectural office.

Architectural-coffee-maker-designLeave it to the designers at Dutch Lab to combine the concepts of buildings and coffee consumption. Their architectural brewing machines look like the finest of scale models and actually function in concocting a fine cup of java – any designer’s dream.

Dutchlab-Sculptural-Coffee-BrewerStanding over 3 feet high in some models, these sculptural appliances mimic famous icons such as Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower.  Certain designs recall general movements, such as a Steam Punk or Gothic period, while others pay homage to classic objects in film with King Kong topping the Empire State Building or a recreation of Star Wars space shuttles. The expressions range from simple modern structures to elaborately detailed creations.

Structural-Design-Coffee-Maker-DutchlabFor pairing the pure function in brewing a cup of cold drip coffee with architectural form, we would gladly clear the construction documents off of our kitchen counters to make room for these beautiful objects. We salute Dutch Lab and all the dedicated designers out there who find ways to make their morning routine a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

Image credits: The Creators Project