Thursday Salute to Originals: Photoshop Turns Deadly

We all know that gut wrenching feeling. You’re sitting at your office desk, chugging your twelfth cup of coffee for the day, getting ready to export a batch of edited images when all of the sudden, the unimaginable happens… Photoshop crashes. You just lost hours of work spent toiling over perfectly blending the clone stamp tool and meticulously organizing your layers. As frustrating as our computer programs can be, a newly invented game helps to vent some of that pent up aggression.


Shotophop was created by Big Green Pillow, a small Brazilian studio specializing in interactive design. The digital game involves targeting your enemies by using the eyedropper tool to select the color of their background and then shooting that color at the enemy, fading them into the background. The color match is essentially the mechanism that destroys the enemy;  as the opponents move around to different blocks of color, the appropriate deadly color shifts. (We wonder what happens if you’re off by a couple of Pantone shades?!)

shotophop-online-game-color-match photoshop-shooting-enemies-game

Created in 48 hours as part of a competition targeted towards gaming with “unconventional weapons”, Shotophop carries a vintage robotic feel. The game is a humorous spin on the design tools we use every day, its seriousness placing an entertaining emphasis on our deeply entangled relationship with our computer programs. What tools would help you vent your design frustrations? A deadly magnetic lasso? An immobilizing photo filter? An irreversible layer merge?

Play the game on Big Green Pillow’s Website >

Image credits: PetaPixel