Thursday Salute to Originals: Wormholes

With the newly released photos of Pluto surfacing, the GPI team has been pondering the extents of space and what it holds. But we’re not the only ones intrigued by the cosmos. A new art piece by Daniel Crooks takes one of outer space’s most mind-bending theories and illustrates it with an artistic twist.


The theory of wormholes – leaving one place and immediately entering a new space potentially thousands of miles (or light years!) away – is difficult to wrap your brain around. When you walk out your front door in the morning, you expect to end up on your front porch. But what if there was a wormhole where your stoop should be? Stepping out of your house could mean stepping onto a porch on the opposite side of the country, or into a jungle on the other side of the world, or maybe even a different planet!


But that exact possibility, courtesy of worm holes, is what makes us love Crooks’ new short film, An Embroidery of Voids. His film depicts narrow alleys and corridors and the atmosphere that one would experience when navigating them. Through video editing, Crooks stitches alleys that are miles apart to feel like one continuous and infinite hallway.  One is left with the experience of a scrolling alley filled with different stonework, styles of architecture and debris all while traversing time and space.

Get lost in a world of infinite alleyways and corridors and watch the video for yourself here.


A culmination of crazy interstellar theory and visual art, we salute both Crooks and wormholes for their respective place in the realm of original. If only there was a wormhole to take us around those stressful CAD and rendering deadlines and straight to our finished backlit feature! For now though, we’ll take the process in stride, and keep our fingers crossed for time travel to become a reality soon!

Image Credits: Art BlartColossal, Be-Street