Thursday Salute to Originals: Captivatingly Creepy GIFs

With the rise of the internet, new popular trends have emerged and become a part of our everyday culture.  Fads like “memes,” cat videos and vines have woven their ways into our conversations and actions.  Another example of these trends is the “GIF” – short, soundless videos that are set to continuously loop.  While these type of video clips are often used for comedic purposes and rarely touted as a refined form of digital art, artist George Redhawk is proving the GIF can certainly hold its own in the art world.


­­­­­George Redhawk, also known simply as Redhawk, is a Native American artist that has been manipulating photos, art pieces, and other art mediums through the technology of GIFs for years.  While he does not consider himself to be an “artist,” Redhawk’s work has attracted millions of fans and is a way for him to show the world the way that he lives every day. He is visually impaired and experiences the world quite differently that most of us do. However, with the help of photo software created for the visually impaired, Redhawk is able to create beautifully creepy artwork that emulates the way that he views the world around him.



Through hard work, passion and perseverance, Redhawk has managed to harness an art style that has touched and inspired his many followers and created an experience that will enthrall your mind and appease your sense of sight.  His art will force you to view the world and human form like you may never have otherwise. And for that, we happily give our Thursday Salute. Thanks, Redhawk, for being an original!

Image Credits: Huffington Post