Thursday Salute to Originals: Food for Thought (And Your Wardrobe!)

Here’s one of the quirkier things we’ve seen this week – cleverly designed jewelry that allows you to wear your food as an accessory. Sounds strange, right? (We were a little puzzled, too.) Take a peek below at these odd, yet surprisingly versatile pieces.



Little works of art in and of themselves, things like berries, cream puffs, and gourmet chocolates, are little treasures that are mostly touted for their taste rather than their structure and beauty. But these 3D printed rings by Tour De Fork present the perfect format for displaying the visual aesthetic and intricate detail of these treats, right on your fingertips. Simply affix the morsel on the ring, slip it on your finger and voila! Unique jewelry with a completely unconventional “gem.”



But these unique jewelry pieces aren’t just limited to your fingers. Japanese design studio, FIFT, has designed a set of earrings that can be customized with any “jewel” you choose. Whether you’re inspired by that beautiful fall leaf or the lunch meat on your sandwich, you now have the opportunity to display whatever captures your eye – or fills your stomach.

Though were not sure exactly how safe it is to wear food all day (we’re pretty sure that slice of bologna won’t be too tasty after being left un-refrigerated for hours, and birds might just think that juicy strawberry on your finger is their ticket to a free meal), the concept itself is actually pretty innovative. For creatively designing jewelry that can morph based on the wearer’s mood – or what they have in their lunchbox – and for redefining what we consider a “jewel” (aka food), we salute both Tour De Fork and FIFT. What other materials do we overlook that, if applied correctly, could have a unique place in the world of design and architecture?

Image Credits: Design Milk; Tour de Fork; FIFT