Thursday Salute to Originals: Lite-Brite Reloaded

Each generation has toys that they call their own. Some are fads, only popular for a short period. But others have stood the test of time – think Slinky, yo-yos, Barbie dolls. One toy that has managed to bridge the gap between generations (and continues to captivate anyone with an eye for color and light like a moth to a flame) is the Lite-Brite.


Marketing for the Lite-Brite and its simplistic light box design and glowing colored pegs began in 1967. But here in 2015, its popularity is still quite significant, with many adults remembering the toy with a sense of nostalgia.  Capitalizing on the evocation of these memories and the unforgettable visuals created with the toy, Hero Design, based in San Francisco, expanded upon the idea of the Lite-Brite and developed their art piece, Everbright.

Everbright from Hero Design on Vimeo.

Approximately 42 times the size of a standard Lite-Brite, Everbright consists of 464 LED dials (the “pegs”) that illuminate and change color when turned. Formatted in the similar honeycomb arrangement as the traditional toy, there are nearly endless visuals that can be created on this canvas. And after the user has completed their masterpiece, a single click of a button returns the board to a blank canvas (much easier than the tedious task of plucking out each individual peg from the black screen!).

For merging cutting edge technology with a nostalgic concept, we salute Hero Design. And for not only serving as the muse for this artistic reworking, but for also inspiring generations of creatives, we salute Lite-Brite as well. Thanks for lighting up our imaginations and childhood memories, one peg at a time!

Image Credits: TV Guy