Thursday Salute to Originals: Artful Accommodations

In searching for vacation lodging, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can rent out an apartment, stay in a lavish hotel, rough it in a tent in the wilderness, even combine your lodging and transportation into one unit, à la RV-style. But with all the choices out there, we’re still willing to bet there’s one place you never even dreamed you could drop your bags…


Yes, you can now officially spend the night in a Van Gogh. Recreated by the Art Institute of Chicago, this room (currently listed for $10 per night on Airbnb) is an exact replica of the space depicted in Van Gogh’s The Bedroom.

van-gogh-bedroom-real-life-chicago-institute-art-bed van-gogh-bedroom-airbnb-rent-stay-3d-painting

Complete with brush-stroked walls and floors, wonky angles, and the off-kilter furniture arrangements found in the original 2D painting, all the details – right down to color of the bedspread and the rumpled towel on the wall – are so exact, patrons staying in the room are completely enveloped in the artistic world of Van Gogh.  It’s like literally living inside his painting.

felix-edouard-vallotton-bedroom-two-figures-women edmund-dulac-the-princess-and-the-pea-tall-bed edgar-degas-interior-bedroom-dark-man-woman

We love the idea of physically staying in art so much that we wish this was done on a larger scale. How cool would it be to stay in hotel with suites replicated to look like famously painted boudoirs, like those depicted by Felix Edouard Vallotton, Edmund Dulac, or Edgar Degas? (This could even translate to famous paintings of restaurants, parlors, lobbies, too!). We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this idea catches on, and staying in a painting becomes a legitimate lodging option for art lovers and travelers alike. As designers of space, we salute the Art Institute of Chicago for transforming flat brushstrokes into real life interiors, allowing us to understand art in (literally) a whole new dimension.

Image Credits: ColossalCuriator (Vallotton); Curiator (Dulac)Curiator (Degas)