Thursday Salute to Originals: Literal Watercolors

Well, Mother Nature does it again. Cruising some of our favorite design blogs this week, we stumbled upon an amazing assemblage of color and texture. But it wasn’t found in an artist’s surrealistic painting or some man-made surface design. No, the “Liquid Rainbow” as it is affectionately called, is compliments of Mother Nature herself.


The River of Five Colors (aka the “Liquid Rainbow” and, more technically, Caño Cristales) is located in the mountainous Meta province of Colombia. During the majority of the year, the river looks like any other. But from July through November, the river literally blossoms as native  algae flourish this time of the year, exposing their vibrant hues.  Intense strokes of color, ranging the gamut of the spectrum, turn the river into what looks like an impressionist painting, rather than a natural body of water. Magenta hues collide with mustard and eggplant tones swirls with emerald, the colors taking shape based on the flow of the water.






As we’ve done many times before, we again salute Mother Nature for her unparalleled artistry. Who would imagine that algae could have the same impact as vibrant paint strokes? We’re putting this natural wonder on our bucket list, though we’re confident it’s worthy of being in any art gallery in the world – it certainly gives new meaning to the term “watercolors”!

Image Credits: All That Is Interesting; Boredom Files; World for Travel