Thursday Salute to Originals: Pinball Painting

The game of Pinball can be addicting. Though such a simple kinetic concept, that little metal pellet flinging, bouncing, and ricocheting around the board can really be engrossing!  But for those of us with an artsy side, it may have just gotten a little more difficult to take your thumbs off those flippers.


The video game app “INKS”, created by State of Play Games, takes the classic concept of pinball and merges it with digital art. How so? As the pinball is flung, it hits the sides of the electronic board (which becomes more like a canvas in this case) causing digital watercolors to explode across the screen. The ball then rolls through those color puddles leaving a vibrant labyrinth of trails behind, visually documenting the pellet’s path (and your success or failure) throughout the duration of the gaming session. But the best part is that the painting created is not just fleeting. You can save and print the artwork you played so hard to create.





Our only wish was that this video game could be translated into a real-life scenario – soccer mixed with paintball, if you will. It would likely be a whole lot messier than the digital version, but with pigments bursting and trails of color following the ball’s movement up and down the field, it would be very difficult for anyone with a visual penchant to pass up! After all, in our opinion at least, there’s no way to lose the game if art is simultaneously being is created as well. And for that, we give our Thursday salute!

Image Credits: Colossal; Colossal; Polygon; Gadgets 360