Thursday Salute to Originals: These Aren’t Your Average Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree. It doesn’t matter whether you pick out the perfect living tree with your family or help drag out the giant box containing the faux from the attic each year, the tradition of the infamous Christmas tree is always good family fun and really quite… standard. Regardless of what color garland you choose or the custom ornaments you buy, Christmas trees usually repeat the same classic, lit-up greenery year after year. So, we’re going to spice things up a bit (preferably with some cinnamon and nutmeg) and share these unconventional trees that made the Nice List!

1. The Tree Made from Donated Ceramics

This 30-foot beauty located in Hassalt, Belgium is called the “Taste Tree.” It consists of 5,000 different pieces of ceramics, like plates and cups. Each unused ceramic was donated by local residents as a communal celebration. The Taste Tree is quite a fitting name considering the city of Hassalt has earned the nickname “Capital of Taste.” We’re loving this pine tree alternative!

2. The Recycled Plastic Bottle Tree

We found this tree in Kaunas, Lithuania! Unlike the Taste Tree, this tree retains a green color much like a traditional Christmas tree would. It is made up of thousands of recycled plastic bottles and zip ties – almost 40,000 to be exact. The artist in charge of the design, Jolanta Šmidtienė, wanted to create a structure that didn’t rely on receiving administrative funding, due to Lithuania’s below-average economic state. She succeeded in creating a gorgeous tree with a glamour appeal… Without the expense!

3. The Abstract Tree

Located in the center of Brussels, this giant modern Christmas Tree puts on a sound and light show every night for both the locals and tourists. The Abies Electronicus stands 82-feet high, displays shimmering lights, and plays holiday AND industrial music. For the winter thrill-seeker, you can even climb to the top of the installation for an unbeatable view of Brussels. We’re fans of this ultra-modern tree.

This holiday week, we’re saluting these three cities for their alternative takes on the traditional Christmas tree. Did you put your own unique spin on your tree this year? We’re betting if you’re a designer, you took some opportunity to make your own mark. Share your photos with us on the comments! And we wish you all a very happy holiday season.

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