Thursday Salute to Originals: Rainbow Tape Installation

The art world is forever expanding with new artists and their work. These works are often representations of the artists themselves, their emotions, and life interactions. No matter what the art piece, seldom is any one work is interpreted in the same manner by two different people – and the interpretation can be largely dependent on site or context. That being said, there are many artists who intentionally leave room for their artwork to be dissected through different genres and emotions. That is exactly what Los Angeles artist Megan Geckler has accomplished with her latest masterpiece – artwork with a broad range of interpretation situated distinctly within architecture.

Geckler is known for her beautiful and whimsical pieces of art that often involve strips of tape. Her latest piece of artwork is a multi-colored tape installation in the 6-story atrium of the historic house in Sydney, Australia, called the Customs House. The artist named her piece “A million things that make your head spin,” and it consists of 46,000 feet of flagging tape (typically used to mark off space on construction sites). She created this installation with just the help of several volunteers and her wonderful handicraft skills. The display dominates the center of the building and has since attracted many different viewers, each who feel a mix of emotions while viewing this enormous transformative artwork.

Geckler’s piece leaves the viewer with sense of beauty that overwhelms and enhances the architecture which it inhibits. More of Geckler’s pieces can be seen on her portfolio page, where viewers can gain a better feel for the artist herself as well as her many other installations.

This Thursday we salute Megan Geckler for reminding us that there is no right or wrong medium when it comes to art and beauty; no two interpretations are the same, and in some cases, mixed emotions are purposely induced to highlight the idiosyncrasies of spatial experience.

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