Thursday Salute to Originals: Figurative Hollow Sculptures

Any individual can be overcome with emotion when staring art directly in the eye. Quite literally, this is exactly what happens when viewers look into these hollow sculptures head-on. South Korean sculptor Park Ki Pyung creates amazing pieces of art that leave a haunting, lasting impression. His pieces are crafted to reflect his deep existential musings, and they accomplish just that.

Pyung’s pieces are life-size sculptures crafted upright with rebar, appearing to express a melancholy feeling with bowed heads and resigned body language. These creations are extremely emotional as the artwork is stripped of the figures’ cores, representing the artist’s own turmoil and affliction. The figurative shells, rather than completed human works, tell a very specific story about the relationship of the body to feelings and perception.

Today, we salute Park Ki Pyung for crafting sculptures that symbolize his own murky reflections of the past, present, and mortality.  Not all artworks are rainbows and sunshine, but these macabre pieces tell desired stories and leave impressions that are far from forgettable. Although sad in nature, Pyung’s masterpieces are as hauntingly beautiful as ever, a somber beauty that can be appreciated universally.

Sources: Park Ki PyungIgnant