Thursday Salute to Originals: Fragmented Ink Memories

It is said that pictures are worth a thousand words, so we can only imagine how many words one must be worth when a picture is painted onto a book! And what about memories? How many words are those worth? This is a question artist Ekaterina Panikanova seeks to answer with her ink paintings that depict memories, with vintage books as her canvas.

Panikanova’s ink blot images portray fragmented pieces of memories that come together as a long lost history in time. Purposefully selecting older books and older images to represent her flashbacks, each singular work is pinned against a wall and when viewed together, materialize into murky thoughts and memories.

Some of the artist’s pictures are much larger and span multiple pages. But within that larger image, she interjects smaller (and seemingly unrelated) individual “thoughts.” These mysterious mismatched images disrupt the scene, further clouding and confusing a clear interpretation of that specific event.

This week we salute Ekaterina Panikanova for her unique expression of the past. Just like a distant memory, her works can be interpreted an endless number of ways. What 1,000 words would you use to describe her captivating art?

Sources: GalleriaEkaterina Panikanova, This is Colossal