Thursday Salute to Originals: Hand-Knit Science Jewelry

We’re going to get straight to the introduction in today’s blog… Meet Nora Fok, one of the coolest women influencing the world! Nora is an England-based artist creating the most amazing knit jewelry pieces inspired by math and science.

This is Nora’s latest collection, Cloud Nylon. Her wearable works of art are not created with just ordinary yarn… Instead, Nora uses a thin nylon microfilament to create the intricate and structured pieces.

While her processes are unique to knitting, we think the best aspect of Nora’s work is the inspiration behind it. Although she is influenced by math, science, and nature, she uses no mechanical equipment to create her work. More so, from her website, “her approach is not scientific; she combines her discoveries intuitively with her personal technical skills to produce her unique pieces.”

Today, we’re saluting Nora Fok for empowering women in the science and technology fields while simultaneously rocking some seriously unique knit jewelry. You just might see us sporting some of her pieces around the office soon!

Sources: Nora Fok, This is Colossal