Thursday Salute to Originals: Tangled Objects

Imagine seeing ordinary, everyday objects in a new way; as if they were not so common or “just there”. That’s what artist Mauricio Alejo has done as a way to spruce up his living conditions and to challenge gravity.

Mauricio hasn’t always quite liked the various apartments he lived in. So, he decided to begin positioning his own household items into “tangled, acrobatic” arrangements and photographing them. Everything from books to foods to balloons!

The arrangements often defy gravity and are captured in their most natural environment. Mauricio believes that it is best to photograph his ideas from exactly where they were conceived, rather than using any props, backdrops, or added imagery. From his website, he explains further:

“Familiar objects have their place in our surroundings and they seem to fit in a natural map of the world. What I do is to bring them to a new narrative which doesn’t obey their functionality; It mostly obeys to a specific intuition I have about space, time, materiality, displacement or physical force.”


This Thursday we salute Mauricio Alejo for bringing back an interest to even the most mundane of objects! By defying gravity, he gives these ordinary items a new and unique story to tell, and we certainly appreciate that.

Sources: Mauricio Alejo, This is Colossal