Thursday Salute to Originals: Sliced Footwear

“Walk a mile in my shoes, see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel. Then you can understand why I do what I do.” – Unknown

Meet artist Sakir Gokcebag. He uses shoes as his medium and designs unusual installations that resemble the elements of digital retouching! His photographs are not retouched with Adobe Photoshop (or any other photo editing tool for that matter) but reflect candid and vibrant images that tell an entire story. Gokcebag is a native of a Turkey and currently resides in Germany. He deconstructs every-day objects and with them creates beautiful contemporary artwork!

The inspiration behind his art is the evolution of practical objects. In the real world, we often learn how to remain flexible and to have the ability to change a course of action instead of carrying out the original plan. In other words, nothing will always go according to plan. Gokcebag illustrates in his installations a similar concept. He starts with the original material, and instead of discarding the original materials, they are altered and begin a new reality. The recreation is similar to reincarnation.

After Gokcebag transforms an object, it almost becomes unrecognizable. In the past, he has used clocks, umbrellas, and fruit as his media. It is amazing how Gokcebag does not limit himself to a specific medium or technique! His work is similar to an architect who drafts a blueprint and builds a mathematical scale in order to complete a project. When the project is completed, he compares the blueprint to the reality of his work.

This Thursday, we are saluting  Sakir Gokcebag and his shoe installation! His work is extraordinary and immediately sparks an interest from the audience. Often shoes are discarded after they have been worn, but Gokcebag reinvents the value of a worn-out object and establishes a new level of appreciation.  It is evident that every shoe has its own story, and Gokcebag illustrates its biography beautifully.

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