Thursday Salute to Originals: The Haze

If you’ve been craving some fascinating and trippy visuals, this latest art installation will certainly give you your fix for the rest of the week! The Haze is the brand new light installation designed by Team Lab (yes, they’re at it again)! Team Lab is a group of collaborative digital artists who are influenced by art, science, and technology. Located in Japan, this team has taken digital art to the next level.

Team Lab “aims to explore a new relationship between humans and nature, and between oneself and the world through art.” The Haze is an entirely immersive experience, and the audience is in the center of the show — or referred to as the vortex. A mirrored floor reflects the movement of the lights. The entire performance is similar to the elements in a song.

A song consists of five components including sound, harmony, melody, rhythm, and growth. In the beginning, soft music is played, and then the show begins! Next, the audience instantly becomes distracted by the intensity and dimension of the show. The show builds and reaches the high point with a repetition of some of the eye-catching arrangements. Finally, we reach the conclusion of the show leaving the audience fascinated. Take a look below!

This Thursday we are saluting Team Lab and their digital installation The Haze. Their work is an example of how contemporary art can surpass boundaries, fusing multiple genres, technologies, and methodologies into one astounding multi-sensory experience!

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