Thursday Salute to Originals: Grasslands Repair

Contemporary artist Linda Tegg and architects Mauro Baracco and Louise Wright have collaborated on an installation that celebrates the grasslands of nature! The installation, Grasslands Repair, reminds the audience about the importance of maintaining our outdoor landscape and preserving it for the future.

Often in cityscapes, the scenery is absorbed with buildings, sidewalks, and motor vehicles rather than greenery. “The use of land for buildings is no small act, there is a role for architecture to actively engage with the repair of the places it is part of: the soil, hydrology, habitat, connections, overland water flow, microorganisms, vegetation and so on.” Grasslands Repair is a statement about remaining engaged with social, economic, and cultural repair.


The indoor installation consists of 10,000 plants with 65 unique species. Grasslands Repair is the focal point of the building and extends outdoors, too. There are walkways within the installation to appreciate each plant closely. LED lights support the plant-life which help them survive inside the building. On the surrounding walls, films are shown that are architectural projects that discuss the concept of repair.

This Thursday, we are saluting Linda Tegg and Baracco + Wright for their work on Grasslands Repair! Their work is socially conscious, softly nudging us to take more responsibility for our world. After all, nature is already accomplished and never has a need to hurry.

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