Thursday Salute to Originals: Contorted Human Figures

If you’re a Twister tournament champion, artist Brooke DiDonato would probably want to take your picture.

This week, we are sharing the work of a photographer who captures a bit of a twisted and fun perspective on everyday life. In her latest series, Brooke DiDonato poses human bodies in intertwined, contorted positions with each other and the surrounding world.

The subjects range from two human figures intertwined with one another to individuals contorting their bodies to fit with a natural landscape. The sometimes-awkward closeness of the subjects is meant to question the barriers we have between one another and even nature itself.

The twisted portraits themselves are extremely interesting. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell where one body begins and the other ends, reiterating the theme of singularity. While the contortions can sometimes appear uncomfortable, it is fascinating to view subjects in unordinary, even comical positions that you would never see in the real world.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Brooke DiDonato and her awkwardly brilliant contortions. Through careful staging, creativity, and some awesome flexibility, she displays human bodies in a way that is both entertaining and inspiring.

Sources: Brooke DiDonato, This is Colossal