Thursday Salute to Originals: Colorful Organic Sculptures

Blobs, drips, and squishes. That’s exactly how sculptor Dan Lam describes her latest work. It’s not hard to see why.

dan lam getting soft

Using synthetic, flowing materials, Lam creates colorful and intriguing organic shapes that look like they’re constantly oozing and flowing. Though many of the pieces look almost like “happy,” soapy, accidental spills, the artist carefully selects complimentary color pallets and tediously places features like tiny spikes by hand to add visual interest.

dan lam LongTerm 912x912@2x

dan lam Complexion 960x1027@2x

Perhaps the most captivating part of Lam’s artwork is the social, behind-the-scenes connectivity she has created through her website and Instagram. Lam engages over 200,000 followers with footage of her creating the squishy sculptures by hand. Photos and videos of new artwork appear several times in a month.

“I think the mystery of the materials and how they come together piques the viewer’s curiosity, especially digitally,” said Lam in an interview with This is Colossal.

dan lam ComeTogether 960x950@2x

dan lam CenterofAttention 912x912@2x

Most of the shared photos from Lam’s Instagram and website are taken in an outdoor setting, with sunlight reflecting off some of the more metallic finishes. The outdoor scenery contrasts with alien-looking blobs, and Lam’s face is almost always hidden by her work.

dan lam DeliciousMonster 912x912@2x

This week, we’re saluting Dam Lam and her puffy, drippy, squishy color blobs. Their visual intrigue coupled with the artist’s convergence of behind-the-scenes social artwork adds a new, more personal dimension to a fine art.

To see more of the whimsical squishes, check out Lam’s website, and of course, her Instagram.

Sources: Dan Lam, This is Colossal