Thursday Salute to Originals: In the Fold

The best art is the kind that you can touch — or fold.

Kelli Anderson is a Brooklyn-based designer who creates interactive art kits for every-day people. In her latest work, Anderson makes mathematical, geometric forms a fun, foldable experience.

kelli blog 3

In this latest kit, geometry enthusiasts can get hands-on with Auxetics — geometric structures that stretch and change in shape and thickness in a fascinating, structured way. By folding the colorful creases in the kit, crafters and mathematicians alike can easily transform flat paper into a complex, interesting and durable surface.

riso5 1

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Anderson is well-known for work on larger paper constructs, most recently in direct collaboration with This is Colossal last summer to create the Exploratorium show. Taking big concepts used in large exhibits down to an interactive craft makes geometric concepts come to life, demonstrating first hand how geometry and math go hand-in-hand with artistry, too.

kelli folded paper

This Thursday, we’re saluting Kelli Anderson and her geometric kits. The intersection of geometric theory and creativity is beautiful, and this designer’s work makes it interactive and fun!

Sources: Kelli Anderson, This is Colossal