Thursday Salute to Originals: The Color Dimension

Argentina native Elian projects flat, colorful shapes on a three-dimensional world.

Around the globe, Argentinian artist Elian Chali — known as Elian — will cover massive buildings in colorful, minimalist murals that apply new life into urban landscapes. Against the backdrop of the busy city, shapes and squiggles seem to float in their own dimension.

elian 6

With such clean lines and flat color blocking, photographs of the real-life murals almost resemble digital manipulations. In person, the bold shapes seem to physically hover like a highlighter-colored projection over the textured face of the buildings’ walls.

This “floating” effect is created with careful planning and precision, taking into account how the depth, shadows, and creases of the urban environment can be masked and manipulated with design elements such as color and line from certain angles.

elian 12

elian 10

elian 13

Elian doesn’t stop at murals, though. The multi-talented and self-taught artist paints smaller murals on canvas for galleries, creates individual prints, and even curates the work of other artists for museums and galleries.

This Thursday, we’re saluting the minimalist murals of Elian Chali. Through precision application and striking minimalism, the artist brings a fantasy color dimension to life in the real world.

elian 8

elian 4 960x640@2x

You can view more of the artist’s work here on their website!

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