Thursday Salute to Originals: A Box of Emotions

If you’re happy and you know it, then your paper box will surely show it!

Meet the Paris-based designer Benoit Leva! His specialty is animations, and this is no exception. In his latest work, he features a square paper carton. You wouldn’t normally expect a paper object to be able to express emotion, but Leva brings this paper carton to life! The square expresses a whole range of emotions, from joy to reservation.

Leva’s animation called I am Square tells us that we can’t just simply box up our emotions… It’s better if we show them! This animation is surprisingly relatable and uses minimal animations and edits to express each emotion. In the video below, the square carton shows happiness by bouncing up and down; patience by a lighted timelapse; dreamy by floating in mid-air; and so many more.

This Thursday we’re saluting Benoit Leva for his creative minimalism! We’ve never related to a piece of paper so much. You can view more of Leva’s eclectic and minimal designs and animations here on his Instagram profile.

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