Thursday Salute to Originals: Banana Peel Ceramics

If you love bananas, we’re going to ask that you don’t look at the screen too closely…

These bananas look good enough to eat! But if you tried to take a bite, you’d end up in a lot of pain because the bananas are actually ceramic. Japanese-based artist Koji Kastani has made them so life-like that it can be hard to tell! He uses old-school Italian methods of ceramics that he learned through his residency in Florence, Italy.

The bright and bold ceramic-and-resin sculptures are meant to be playful and humorous, and they certainly are! Koji shared with This is Colossal that choosing to use a banana as a recurring motif is intended to be light-hearted and also a form of idiosyncratic expression. And while in this series he has chosen bananas, he actually loves to create many other fruits as well!

This Thursday, we’re saluting Koji Kastani because his work drives us bananas! In a good way, of course. You can view more of Koji’s ceramics and other artwork here on his Instagram page.

Sources: Koji Kastani, This is Colossal