Thursday Salute to Originals: Surreal Miniatures

Look closely. Things aren’t always as they seem.

No one understands this better than German-based artist Frank Kunert, who creates mind-bending images through his miniature sculptures and some great photography. At first glance, these scenes might seem pretty normal. But once you do a doubletake, things begin to take a turn towards the surreal. One might say they’re ‘absurd,’ and that’s exactly Kunert’s goal. The scenes he creates are meant to explore ‘the absurdity in life.’

While these surrealist photographs capture just a single moment in time – the finished product – Kunert’s process is actually rather exhaustive and complex. As a modelmaker, it is typical for Kunert to spend weeks designing and creating his miniature models and perfecting the studio lighting for each photograph in the series. He believes patience and working with his hands are the keys to developing a museum-like quality of his work.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Frank Kunert for making us think twice and really spend some time exploring these entertaining scenes. The depths of life are much greater than we could have anticipated. You can view more of Kunert’s work here on his Instagram profile.

Sources: Frank Kunert, This is Colossal