Thursday Salute to Originals: Books With a Fringe

There’s just something about a big, massive book that we love! But one artist sees those many pages in a whole new way…

Artist Barbara Wildenboer creates some serious fringe from the pages of a book. Literally, fringe! Whether it’s a classic, an encyclopedia, or a textbook, Wildenboer splices pages, layer upon layer upon layer, and the result is intricate webs of fringey strands of paper. She even hand cuts them herself! Through hollowed-out pages and covers, the fringed pages and strands are plentiful and create quite an interesting sculpture.

In an interview with This is Colossal, Wildenboer shares how she chooses her books and choice of fringe. Many of her fringe decisions are matched to the type of book. For example, she is preparing for an exhibition in November, SUPER/NATURAL, and so she wants her books and their final forms to convey the correlation between science and the supernatural.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Barbara Wildenboer and her wild fringes of books! You can view more of her work and learn how she’s been spending her creative time during the pandemic here on her Instagram.

Sources: Barbara Wildenboer, This is Colossal