Thursday Salute to Originals: Rattan Yoga Sanctuary

Need a little peace, quiet, and reflection? How about some yoga in your own rattan pod?

Thanks to Enter Projects Asia, a Thai architecture studio, you can do just that. If you were to stand outside Vikasa Yoga’s Retreat, you could see this structure that fills 450 square meters pretty clearly! On the first floor of the retreat is a simple cafe, but the entire second floor of the building is totally occupied by the rattan pods. With some help from Project Rattan, Enter Projects Asia was able to use classic weaving rattan methods combined with 3D imaging to create the various yoga pods that link together through billowing folds of rattan.

Yet, this structure is not only rattan. Its base uses Thai hardwood and black slate for sturdiness, and the majority of the sanctuary is made with rattan and a bit of bamboo. The best part is that all of these materials were locally sourced and provided by local craftspeople. When these elements came together, they created peaceful, light-filled areas that run along the walls in undulating movements that are meant to recreate the flowing nature of yoga poses.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Enter Projects Asia and Project Rattan for this gorgeous and calming sanctuary! You can follow more of Enter Projects Asia on Instagram to view more of their inspirational rattan designs.

Sources: Enter Projects Asia, This is Colossal