Improve Productivity + Wellbeing with a Backlit Wall

Time and time again, research studies affirm that lighting is closely linked to mental and physical wellbeing — and the workplace setting is no exception. With light sensitivity playing such a strong role in employee productivity and wellbeing, it can be an excellent idea to begin integrating backlit walls into the office area.

In fact, backlit walls carry a number of advantages in the workplace. Take a look at just a few of the ways backlit walls may improve employee productivity and wellbeing while on the job — and after hours!

Avoiding Over-Brightness

As companies gain a better understanding of the influence of light in the workplace, they are beginning to seek out new ways of building interiors that provide better lighting solutions. Whether that means building modular glass office walls to help boost the amount of natural light that pours into the office or creating more open floor plans, moderating the amount of light in the workplace has become a major focus. Unlike past theories about providing extreme brightness as a way to energize employees, newer understandings about light show that over-brightness in the workplace can have detrimental effects on health and productivity. Research shows that migraines, eye strain, and a disruption in circadian rhythms are commonly linked with having too much brightness.

For organizations that need to accommodate several employees within a single space, turning to backlit walls for ambient room lighting and having individual partition walls that separate employee workspaces is one solid solution. This unique arrangement allows employees to adjust their own direct lighting according to their preferences at their desk, thereby avoiding over-brightness and the negative effects associated with it.

A Professional Atmosphere

There’s no question that the way a workplace looks and feels can set certain expectations for what the company stands for and what is expected of employees, service providers, and customers. Backlit walls have a way of elevating the indoor space to a certain level of professionality. And in many cases, a more professional setting may help employees rise to the occasion and put their best work forward.

Brand Continuity and Inspiration

Another way that backlit walls boost employee productivity is by creating brand continuity throughout the building and adding a passive source of inspiration. Backlit walls can create a certain mood and tone that matches the organization’s branding efforts. Whether it’s a certain color, pattern, or overall aesthetic, having this passive reminder of the organization’s identity can help trigger creativity and help employees fuel fresh ideas. A backlit surface will set the atmosphere, evoke emotion and provoke thought. From dramatic natural stone panels to clean and elegant glass, from deep textured resins to soft fabrics, you can call on our experience to help you discover the right decorative surface for your particular design.

Presentation Practicality

Some backlit wall designs can also perform as practical presentation aids for boardrooms and other large areas that may need to accommodate speeches or audio-visuals. In this way, a backlit wall can serve as a presentational tool when needed, and then immediately transform back into a regular wall space with a pleasing aesthetic — much more attractive than a whiteboard or projector screen.

Calming Presence

Finally, backlit walls can play another important role in the workplace: a source for soothing and calm. Every workplace should have an area where employees can take a breather and find a sense of calm. These relaxing displays are vital for mental health and wellbeing. Providing a moment of calm — even just for a moment — can help employees stay present and alleviate stress, which can be incredibly beneficial for mental and emotional wellbeing.

By creating ambient light, allowing employees to adjust their own desk brightness levels, setting an expectation of professionalism, providing brand continuity and inspiration, and serving as a source of calm, backlit walls can help employees become more productive at work while also supporting physical and mental wellbeing.


This blog is written by Skylar Ross a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer for the architecture industry. Skylar is focused on helping architects and building designers discover new techniques, find ways to save on costs, and discover new modern innovative materials to use in their next project.