Thursday Salute to Originals: Momentary Formations

A Wales-based artist creates ephemeral stone formations.

Wales-based artist Jon Foreman is known for creating mesmerizing land pieces in sandy environments. In his new series of arrangements, Foreman continues to expand on his temporary-by-design installments.

Using design elements like shape and color, Foreman crafts dynamic patterns like diagonal stripes and circle patterns from carefully sorted stones across a spectrum of hue, shape, and size. Together, the rocky formations are a striking series of minimalist compositions — all easily swept away by a tide. 

On Foreman’s Instagram, he often discusses how the different elements impact his structures and the conditions in which he builds them. Regarding the image below of the work titled Expletio, Jon says:

“This one proved more fiddly than the previous version, I think I must have downscaled it a bit and that coupled with cold/windy weather made for difficult work. Got there in the end though!”

This Thursday, we’re saluting Jon Foreman’s natural stone formations. You can find more images like these on the artist’s Instagram.

Sources: Jon Foreman, This is Colossal