Thursday Salute to Originals: The Lime Light

Crosscuts of citrus fruit glow under beams of artificial studio light in a series of oil portraits.

Painter Dennis Wojtkiewicz has built quite a reputation for his oil-on-canvas of delectable citrus and other fruit—only these paintings are more timeless than a 90s pair portrait. Wojtkiewicz’s works are enormous, four-foot-wide portraits whose sliced fruit subjects fill the canvas with captivating pastels against a black background.

Cutting through the blackness behind the delectable subjects is a sourceless light that illuminates the fruit’s organic features, highlighting tiny veins of an orange slice, suspended seeds in a melon wedge, and even little hairs sticking up from the skin of a peach.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Dennis Wojtkiewicz’s fascinating oil portraits of illuminated fruit crosscuts. You can follow his latest work on his website or Instagram.

Sources: Dennis Wojtkiewicz, This is Colossal