Thursday Salute to Originals: Glitches in History

Sine waves distort stone busts of historic and iconic figures.

Sleek and refined statues of Aphrodite, Laocoön and Venus appear warped and distorted in French artist Leo Caillard‘s newest sculpture series, “Wave Stone.” The statues are carved from white Carrara marble, and the distorted pattern is a vertical sine wave.

A signature of Caillard’s style, each piece is a contemporary interpretation of historic iconography that takes the subject out of any real-world context. The stories that made the icon so prolific in their cultures vanish, but the theme of iconography remains — a decorative dimension of the post-modern sculpture.

“The face of the statue connects the piece to its reality, a representation of a classical and iconic figure from the past,” said Caillard in a statement. 

This Thursday, we’re saluting Leo Caillard’s distorted marble statues of historical figures and iconography. You can view more work like these on his Instagram.

Sources: All images © Léo Caillard, shared with permission  Leo Caillard, This is Colossal