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clarify your aesthetic expectations

let’s move together to closely define your design intent and its challenges as we begin deriving a practical built solution.


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engineer the structural details

creating an effective structural system and lighting cavity is the foundation for success of your feature. these elements are the framework that will allow for an appropriate lighting and lens design.


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implement the lighting strategy

illumination will bring life to your vision, but simply placing fixtures behind a translucent surface may not meet the aesthetic demands a backlit design requires. we strategically tailor the entire lighting environment based on the findings that our mock-ups and testing uncover.


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apply the surface

the surface (aka “the lens”) serves as the face of your feature,  defining and enhancing your design with a distinct personality of its own. achieving a harmonious surface requires expert coordination and customization.


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finishing touches

art requires meticulous attention to detail and skilled execution. these final elements unify your backlit feature as the unique work of art envisioned from the concept stage.

crafting custom systems with surfaces + light

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