Browse our translucent surfaces including backlit onyx, backlit wall art, backlit glass, backlit wood, backlit resin and more.

When done correctly, the surface should set the atmosphere, evoke emotion and provoke thought. From dramatic natural stone panels to clean and elegant glass, deep textured resins to soft fabrics, you can call on our experience to help you discover the perfect decorative surface for your particular design.

From our own DURA-Lite™ ANSI rated glass-backed stone panels to translucent surfaces from industry partners, GPI Design works with a tested selection of translucent architectural materials that when integrated with our Infuse™ LED backlighting system offer complete turnkey design solutions.

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Translucent Art

Backlit Surfaces


Translucent Natural Stone

Backlit Surfaces


Translucent Acrylic

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Translucent Glass

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Translucent Wood

Backlit Surfaces


Translucent Agate Stone

We use our knowledge and expertise to design and engineer the best ways to transform these translucent surfaces by adding light.

Over the last 20 years we have dedicated our research on the relationship between unique translucent materials and the structure and backlighting systems that bring them to life.  We have become meticulous in finding the right balance in these systems, as each and every one of the surfaces we use has its own transformative qualities unto itself.  Your signature piece of work starts with finding the appropriate surface, and it is our collaborative process that will help you determine the appropriate surface options that best suit your design aesthetic.

Looking for a timeless, organic material? When milled to only a few millimeters, onyx, quartz and marble become magnificently translucent, creating a palette of colors and variations that only Mother Nature can provide.

Backlit Stone

Exploring a backlit glass installation? An illuminated surface that defines your space with a clean aesthetic. As the main lighting source or as a decorative element, glass portrays a modern feel, timeless and pure.

Backlit Glass

Looking to create a one of a kind impression? As a studio full of artists and creatives, we have a deep appreciation for original works. Trust us to study how to arrange a backlit feature appropriate to your print or graphic art.

Backlit Art

Did you know that wood is translucent? Fabricated to under .5 mm thick and laminated between two protective glass panels, wood veneer becomes unexpectedly lucent while retaining its natural, organic beauty.

Backlit Wood

Considering backlighting a versatile material available in several different vibrant colors? With the correct lighting techniques, resin and acrylic surfaces can provide intense color and imaginative possibility.

Backlit Resin


We’ve learned that one size doesn’t fit all. Backlighting different surfaces in different applications is unique unto itself, and combinations always vary from one surface to another. The experience we provide in combining different materials with their custom structural systems and lighting strategies will enhance your design and provide better overall performance.

With our team of experienced specialists, we will help you uncover answers:

  • Will the surface illuminate evenly?
  • What size panels can be produced?
  • What lighting option is best suited for this surface?
  • What structural system will be necessary?
  • How many joints and at what size?
  • Will this surface fit the budget?
  • Is there a VE alternative?